About Us

Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc.

Serving the midwest for over 100 years.

About Us

Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc. is the Midwest’s leading independent broker for producers of food products. Proactive works with the worldwide food manufacturers in all categories of retail grocery, including dry grocery, frozen, dairy, deli, meat, and produce products. As an independent broker, we are proud to allocate the time and resources necessary to build new brands and private labels that may not get the attention they deserve from national brokers. Our experienced account executives are dedicated to building and maintaining regional brands and private labels throughout the Midwest. Established in 1906, Proactive has spent over 100 years developing strong, trusted relationships with manufacturers and retail stores. Each of the Proactive executives has a minimum of 20 years experience in the industry. We are aggressively growing, seeking new areas of opportunity for our business and for the manufacturers we represent.

Our History

Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc. has evolved from the business founded in 1906 by Louis H. Frohman. In 1985, L. H. Frohman employees, George Marczewski and Steve Diebold purchased the company from David Frohman, maintaining the philosophy that merchandise is never bought but must be sold, and the efforts must be directed to sales that will satisfy all principals and every customer.

In January 1993, the D. P. Feldman Brokerage Company became part of the L. H. Frohman Company. In June 1999 the company moved from its Park Ridge location to its current office in West Chicago, Illinois. At that time, the company’s name was changed to Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc. (PROMARK). Premier Brands became a part of Proactive in September 2000.

Our Mission

Proactive Sales & Marketing, Inc. is dedicated to the achievement of our manufacturers sales and marketing goals through professional and competent representation sensitive to individual needs and philosophies. We will understand, meet and exceed our manufacturers objectives and expectations with a high degree of personalized attention. We will generate continued, organized and profitable growth insuring survival, while simultaneously contributing to the economic strength of the community and acting as a conscientious corporate citizen.

Our Goals

We are convinced that in order to secure maximum profits, both monetary and otherwise, we must remain dedicated to the mission of providing ever improving service. Throughout this never ending quest for ongoing improvement, we at Proactive seek to:

Maintain a customer driven focus characterized by a constant effort to quantify, understand and exceed the expectations of our manufacturers and customers. This effort will be extended in the completion of all tasks and by every member of the Proactive team while maintaining the highest standards for moral and ethical behavior.

Protect and grow our current business first, then aggressively locate and capitalize on new opportunities, which will lead to long-term profit ahead of individual or short-term gain.

Cultivate “Win-Win Partnerships” with those that demonstrate both a capacity for and commitment to our mutual success.

Communicate our actions, plans, policies and procedures effectively.

Take responsibility for nurturing our industry and contributing to our community.